The Oakland Greens are a local subgroup of the Green Party of Alameda County that is committed to a just and sustainable Oakland. Our principles are aligned with the 10 key values of the Green Party of California, and we emphasize the need for a new system of preventing and addressing crime, with a focus on increasing opportunities for education and employment so that residents are not driven to crime out of desperation. The election process must also be extensively reformed so that the voices of all residents are heard.



2019 Free Dinner & A Movie Series

The 2019 Oakland Greens movie discussion series
This Sunday (6/24): Oakland Greens Dinner & Movie: “What’s the Matter with Kansas”; 4920 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
The Oakland Greens 2018 FREE Dinner and a Movie discussion series. 
“What’s the Matter with Kansas” The
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Clip from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward