Dear Community

The Oakland Greens are working on a project to track down money spent on our Oakland elections. 

We want your political junk mail regarding Oakland candidates, measures and issues. Duplicates not needed. Take Pictures of both sides of the political junk mail you receive. (Redact your address) And email reply to this email or or post them through the facebook link below.

If you see online ads, including YouTube and Facebook for any of those same candidates, measures and issues, please try to get a screenshot telling us who paid for the ad.

The hope is to show exactly how much outside money comes into our electoral process and who is paying for them. 

Many thanks 

Don Macleay Oakland Green & the Oakland Greens

No Corporate Money

One of the Oakland Greens’ core values is that we do not accept corporate donations; we refuse to be bought by the highest bidder. While corporate money can certainly help change the tide of an election, it can also change the vote of a candidate, once elected. Time and time again, we have been disappointed by individuals who speak of progressive policies during their campaign, only to see them turn their back on the same people who voted for them once in office. Not only do the Oakland Greens refuse to participate in this corrupt system, we are actively building a No Cooperate Money Campaign. Oakland Greens members Laura Wells and Greg Jan are developing a website to collect pledges from voters to vote exclusively for non-corporate candidates and pledges from candidates to reject corporate donations. This campaign is modeled on the highly successful Richmond Progressive Alliance, which enabled Green Party candidate Gayle McLaughlin to be elected as mayor.


The Oakland Greens are disappointed by the most recent redistricting process and outcome. We envision a map in which districts actually represent cohesive communities. In particular, we believe the flatlands of Oakland need their own districts, separate from the hills. Currently, moneyed interests in the hills find it far too easy to override the voices of the less affluent flatlands residents.

Find KPFA Local Station Board Voter Information  Here

KPFA Local Station Board on air candidate forum.

September 3rd 2021 


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