The Oakland Greens see poverty as the underlying cause of many of the crises we face in our city. Oakland residents must have opportunities for employment that provides a living wage and decent working conditions. The city government should make a concerted effort to hire from within Oakland, and should also give preference to Oakland-based businesses when awarding contracts. The minimum wage should also be raised to a living wage. This need is highlighted by the recent movement of fast food workers who are demanding higher pay. These workers, many of whom are parents, struggle to make ends meet. Though food workers are a current focus, thousands of others retail and other low-wage workers remain among the working poor in Oakland.

Are you self-motivating? Are you sick of seeing the effects of a system created to trample the most vulnerable? Do you believe in living wages for all? Basic standard of living for all?

Then we have an Opportunity to have a balanced compensation for your social justice electoral politics work. The Hill for Berkeley campaign is offering a commission-based stipend of $15.00 to $25.00 an hour based on a 40-hour work schedule. It will be more like 60 hours some weeks.

The position open is for Treasurer/Fundraiser & entails keeping on the FPPC filing schedule, management of the campaign bank account, hiring of a volunteer assistant treasurer, coordinate fundraising to raise up to $70,000.00 with only $50.00 cap per donation. $6,667.00 must come from Berkeley residents. Coordinate with other campaign senior staff, work closely with event coordinators for fundraising events, create fundraising letters, coordinate a fund-raising volunteer staff of 3, & attend staff meetings, fundraising events, & indorsement meetings.

Send resume to for interview.



Hill for city council

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