The Oakland Greens say No to the Howard Terminal. In a shameful display of kissing the ass of a billionaire, the Oakland City Council voted 6-1-1 for the concept of the Howard Terminal Stadium.

The one No vote came from Noel Gallo, (peoples district 5 rep.) who had some courage.

The most disappointing vote came from Carol Fife (peoples district 3 rep.) who abstained, Carol Fife has a history of standing up to the real estate moguls, but not on this day.

Before the vote, 350 million dollars of public money was added to the pot to get the Oakland A’s to stay. This was done even though the multi-billionaire John Fisher Oakland A’s owner was not interested in the basic agreement. 

A better use of the 350 million would be payments to anyone who loses a job if the A’s leave town. 

A number of Yes voters raised the idea of community benefits from the A’s before a final vote. This is a desperate move to keep the negotiations going, all the community benefits do not resolve the fundamental issue, that is the incompatibility of residential-entertainment district with a working port and trucks in an industrial area. 

Other issues were mentioned in the more than 2 hours of public comment including gentrification, traffic and the smaller number of People of African Diaspora and other descendants of colonized people who will live in our city. The council majority’s behavior reminds us of the exploitation of sex trafficking. The price is too high!

The Oakland Greens have put forth and now we hear whispers of the idea to re-develop the colosseum area with all range housing living wage jobs & when they come asking for public funds. We take that percentage of team ownership and if they want to move it would go to the voters. The funds raised could be used for the vital public services so desperately needed.


Written by Michael Ruben & Vicente Cruz

Edited by Vicente Cruz

Endorsed by the Oakland Greens


Great if this issue takes a larger light but, really nazi euro male says it and that is what makes you notice? This is why you have to support real people before profit candidates or run for office. And great intro to that you can be part of getting our community radio to be a more radical voice. KPFA members voting for LSB starts August 13th. Vote for Vicente Rafael Cruz

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