Towards an Eco-Socialist Future


Come participate in a deep dive into Eco-Socialism, and learn about how the capitalist status quo deprives us of our human rights and aspirations. The first presentation in this 3-part series is an introduction to Eco-Socialism vs. Capitalism including a discussion of what    Eco-Socialism may mean to you.

The two following presentations in this series will build on the first event and will be held on Feb. 20th and April 10th, 2021 (details to follow). Presentations will focus on Eco-Socialist platforms and programs and institutions that are being built around the country to shift away from our capitalist systems and into a just, sustainable future. The world we need and deserve is not only possible, it is an imperative. We and our children will not survive the status quo.

Event is free, but advance registration is required:

Sunday January 17 2021 @ 6:30 P.M. The January business meeting of the Oakland Green Party. This public meeting is open to all, come see what solution minded community politics looks like.

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DISCLAIMER: This is RECORDED Audio & Video Event. By participating you give consent to use edited or entirely any verbal or visual interaction for the hosts, If you do not want your likeness shown please turn off video upon entry.