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Hello Oakland Residents,

The Oakland Greens have done great grass roots work on the streets bringing discussions to the table on a range of community issues that even the so-called left will not mention. Now we would like to take the next step by listening to you, with political debates and forums designed to give solutions not just the problem.

All funds that we raise will be used to print solution-minded literature, produce Green Party apparel, and media. This media would call people to register in the Green Party and identify the next generation of candidates and activists committed to putting people before profit.

You can donate by making checks, money orders or cashier’s check out to Oakland Greens & mail to P.O. Box 20299 Oakland, CA 94620.

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Your donation is not tax deductible, though we still require your address and occupation as per a political donation.

Give now & thanks for your time and attention.

Oakland Green Party An affiliate of the Alameda County Green Party 

Become a “dues-paying” Green Party member! 

Hi Greens!,

A number of Green Party groups around the country have started to ask for dues, not only as a way to raise money, but also to help foster group solidarity, commitment, and the like.  So we’ve decided to try it out here in Alameda County!  We’ve decided on a sliding scale amount of $12 to $120 per year, but with waivers for financial need.  The annual deadline for sending in your dues will be December 12th.  (Quarterly or monthly is also fine).  So please become a “dues-paying” member now!  You can either mail a check to:  Green Party, 2022 Blake St., Berkeley, CA 94704, or you can donate online at:  (And if you’ve given us a donation within the past 3 months, we can also count that as your dues, if you’d like.  Note: Neither your voting nor your participation rights will be affected by the payment, or non-payment, of these dues).  Thank you so much (in advance), for your support, in becoming a dues-paying member!


Green Party of Alameda County