01/04 Oakland Greens General Meeting
V. Cruz as facilitator and D. Baum as note taker


1. Update on the Karamooz campaign:  (1) organizing a large turnout of Greens on Saied’s behalf at the Saturday (Jan. 6th) OJC meeting; (2) recruiting the groups of specified advisors and recruiting volunteers in general; (3) drafting an invitation to his “Green Sunday” (Jan. 14th) presentation; and (3) preparing a piece of literature to pass out at the Green Sunday event itself.

2.  Report from our “Alliance Building Working Group” comprised of D. Macleay, N. Khouri, N. Session, and V. Cruz.

3.  The ongoing OUSD budget crisis:  Report on the recent four major cuts.  (Urge M. Hutchinson to join us!)

4.  The possible demise of KPFA:  Pacifica’s KPFA has warned that it might shut down due to WBAI’s $2M debt. (Urge A. Tanaka to join us!)