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Vicente R. Cruz II  
Candidate OUSD Board District 3
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P.O. Box 20299 Oakland, CA 94620

Cruz for Dist 3

Vicente Cruz
  Candidate for Oakland Unified School Governing Board
   People's District 3, November 2012

HOW I will deal with truancy and revenue

Truancy comes from a number of factors none more tragic than kids do not want

Hear Vicente speak about the Lakeview School sit-in

to come to school. I will bring proposals to rethink our education system over all. Proposals that will have arts, academics, social justice, student ideas, physical health as the foundation. Creating an atmosphere that is positive and supportive to deal with the effects of a corrupt system that has been hurting our communities for far too long.

  • Keep neighborhood schools open
  • Increasing family involvement in school initiatives
  • Equal quality public education over administration
  • Expanding school activities for youth
  • Work with teachers and school workers
  • Refuse to pay unjust dept

All of this requires revenue, for a small investment we could run youth and adult sports programs that would bring revenue not only to the school district but the city in general. Another way is to go right to the top and renegotiate the superintendent salary. I will fight to get better contracts with business providing services such as benefits or internet services. I propose we not only refuse to pay an unjust state debt but that federal, state and city tax revenue be increased to provide real quality

The lack of equal and quality education is a fundamental problem in the Oakland Unified School Districts education system. OUSD Board Candidate People's District 3 Vicente Cruz desires that all OUSD students, regardless of poor socioeconomic status, be provided with the same opportunities as any other child. The current education funding needs to be radically redistributed in order to better benefit Oakland students. We need multilingual education programs that will not only make our students stronger in a global world but also provide the essential need for ESL students. The mental and physical health of students is also a great and immediate concern. OUSD students deserve to go to school and be offered fresh and healthy food in their cafeterias every day. Green Party Candidate People's District 3 Vicente Cruz also aims to instate physical education programs that setup district funded youth sports leagues. Healthy eating and frequent exercise often starts in school, and the citizens of Oakland owe it to their children to foster this type of environment. Furthermore, Oakland schools are severely lacking in classes for art and music, making it even harder for those students who graduate to compete in an ever-growing world of creativity and innovation. Oakland high school seniors also need to be offered more post-grad support, especially in guiding them to trade schools relevant to their interests. The adults of Oakland seeking further education also deserve to have Adult Education classes reinstated. With the election of the Oakland Green Party Candidate Vicente Cruz to the Oakland School Board, these changes can be expedited; the main goal is to use the funding provided to make better education choices for Oakland.

Green Party candidate for School Board Vicente Cruz wants to focus specifically on improving schools in order to avoid the frequent criminalization of students in the Oakland Unified School District. A majority of students are living in an urban environment coupled with the common setbacks of welfare, homelessness, the prevalence of drugs, and general lack of resources, resulting in the consistent jailing and incarceration of Oakland youth. The current setup of the OUSD education system does nothing to avoid this, and in fact, is supporting the prison industrial complex by cycling Oakland youth continuously through the prison system. The loss of potential here to Oakland’s economy, community, and values is gargantuan. One of the direct changes that must be made is the removal of armed and uniformed police officers on Oakland school campuses. The officers intimidate students and foster the belief that the adults in their lives feel that they will inevitably commit a criminal activity. Another task that will be completed is the definite removal of military recruiters on OUSD campuses, as they purposefully target poor and underprivileged children in a type of “poverty draft.” There is a fundamental problem in having these recruiters convince poor students that the armed forces is their only alternative to jail. These young adults are not receiving the support needed to persuade them to further their education in junior college or university. The Oakland education system is in dire need of an overall renovation in order to protect our youth for the future.



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Vicente R. Cruz II   Candidate OUSD Board District 3 FPPC#1347457
P.O. Box 20299 Oakland, CA 94620
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