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Vicente R. Cruz II  
Candidate OUSD Board District 3
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P.O. Box 20299 Oakland, CA 94620


Vicente Cruz
  Candidate for Oakland Unified School Governing Board
   People's District 3, November 2012

 We are in a state of emergency within our communities on so many levels, you know what's wrong. The values of our community are not the values of our local government. The public has said time and again that we want to prioritize our schools, our youth and our neighborhoods. We have said time and again that we do not want a police solution to social problems. Yet the local government is still mostly focused on speculative real estate development, pet projects and political infighting.

 The solution is we have to take control of our communities and have a local government the only answers to local residents, not a government that is a part of the Democratic Party career development ladder and not focused on the needs of landlords and developers. This may be legal, but it is still unethical and corrupt.

 The Oakland Green Party has put forward 4 candidates to contest 3 seats in the November Oakland General Election for City Council and one candidate (myself) to run for the Oakland Unified School District Board. Become part of the take over for our schools, healthcare, housing for once lets kick the conflicts of interest out. 

 My name is Vicente Cruz.

 I am an athletic coach by profession and have worked in the OUSD system. Our kids are my passion and my focus. I see the school system needing to move its priorities for a more well rounded education that is more successful, that includes arts and sports, that has a vocational practical side and above all, being able to graduate our black and      brown students at a reasonable rate. I do not see school policy as something separate from the policies we need at City Hall to deal with restorative justice and community policing. I do not see a separation from the schools needs and the needs of our families in crisis. I am a Green Party leader, a supporter of the Occupy Oakland Social Anarchist political philosophy and I am running for OUSD Board Peoples District 3.

 I am looking for a dedicated staff, who will be committed to kicking corruption out of Oakland. If this sounds like you, please submit interest letter or resume to for complete Job Descriptions.

The first positions I am filling are:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Treasurer
  • Volunteer Manager
  • Media Manager
  • Legal
  • Fund Raiser


Hope to hear from you!


Vicente R. Cruz II

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Vicente R. Cruz II   Candidate OUSD Board District 3 FPPC#1347457
P.O. Box 20299 Oakland, CA 94620
(510) 735-7361